A search engine friendly website is vital for businesses. Customers and potential buyers visit your site to find information about your products or services and contact details. But what happens over time? What to do when your business evolves, selling new and improved products and services, changes in pricing, or simply moving locations. Just the same as updating your printed catalogues, brochures and business cards, it is important to keep your website updated with the most current business information.
Maintenance tasks
Gateway IT provides website maintenance services at a very affordable monthly cost, or one-off cost depending on how often you need to update the site.

Gateway IT ’s fast, efficient maintenance services includes:
adding news, events and announcements
uploading photos, graphics, files and reports
information and contact details changes
updating product or service listings
changing keywords, descriptions and other search engine optimisation tasks
general site tidying to ensure disk space quota is not exceeded
script or code updates to fix bugs and errors